Marriot d urban vtes

Sir Marriot D’Urban




Followers of Set





Sir Marriot D’Urban is one of the leading Kindred Egyptologists of the modern nights.


In his mortal days, D’Urban was a knight in the service of King Richard the Lionheart, who accompanied his king on the crusades to the Holy Land. He was, however, captured by his enemies and held captive.

D’Urban was quick to renounce his faith in Christianity, although he did not convert over to Islam. His captor, a kind man, allowed him to learn Arabic and D’Urban studied astronomy, theology and many other arts that were practiced in the Islamic World, but forgotten in Europe. When he was released, D’Urban decided to travel the Middle East.

When he reached Alexandria, his knowledge, along with his prowess with the sword, attracted the attention of the local Setites, who embraced him and introduced him into the Path of Typhon. Soon afterwards, D’Urban was sent back to Europe, in order to seek influence in the courts of France and England.

He was soon entangled in the webs of the Jyhad and went on to investigate the history behind the myths of his clan. Today, D’Urban is one of the most traveled Setites, visiting various temples and instructing neonates in the legends of their bloodline.



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