Birth Name: Mark Anthony Green
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: July 7, 1956[1]
Place of Origin: Baltimore, MD[1]
Occupation: Senator
Default Association: Independent

Senator Mark Anthony Green (born July 7, 1956) was a member of the American Eagle Party, and their candidate for the 2008 US Presidential election.


Senator Green was a passionate, right-wing bigot considered crazy by moderates, not least because he worked for a Nazi apologist group in college. He strongly opposed Nova candidate Randel Portman and used underhanded tactics to try and discredit him, including exposing select portions of Portman's diary to the Senate committee on Nova Affairs and seeking to engineer a sex scandal with another Nova. He thought that becoming President would make him "like God" and considered it cruel of God to tell men of Heaven, a mistake he intended to avoid. His efforts were unsuccessful, however, and Portman eventually won the election.


Note: Senator Green is a baseline.

Character SheetEdit


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