Maria Asuncion

María Asunción


Fate's Pawn



Final Death:

c. 1680






Lord Camden



María Asunción was the last true Cappadocian to be hunted down by the Giovanni. Her death fulfills the Sixth Sign of Gehenna.


In her mortal life, María was a nun in the St. Isabel Chapel located in Spain, she loved the religious life and read every sacred text she could.

An important Capadoccian, Lord Camden, became interested in María because of her True Faith and her christian knowledge. María and Camden became friends at first and gathered almost every night. When María discovered what Camden was, she became more interested in him and accepted Camden's Embrace.

After the embrace, María began to study old and occult text, and like most Cappadocians, she became very interested in Death. She was in favor of the integration of the Giovanni family in to the clan, she thought they could learn a lot from the Necromancers.

When Cappadocius was diablerized, María hid in Spain while the purge on the entire Cappadocian clan was on the move. Unexpectedly, the Spanish Inquisition was the one who found her and burned her chapel, forcing her to seek refuge wherever she could.

Final DeathEdit

María sought shelter from a Transylvanian coterie of vampires. After some time, the coterie was visited by various vampire factions who either wanted her death or wanted to save her.

In the end, María Asunción was destroyed by Ambrogino Giovanni, who wanted to be the one that killed the last Cappadocian, and/or by the Baali Ansen, who wanted to release the demon Kupala.

Character SheetEdit

Maria Asunción, Fate's Pawn[1]

Sire: Lord Camden
Nature: Penitent
Demeanor: Survivor
Generation: 7th
Embrace: 920
Apparent Age: Late 20's
Merits: True Faith 5


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