Marge Kahn






True Black Hand

Marge Kahn was an Infernalist active within the True Black Hand. She believed herself to be a Toreador.


Originally Embraced outside the sect, Kahn stumbled upon it by accident. Partnered with a much more experienced member, Kahn used him for all that he was worth and then staked him, claiming that he had destroyed himself. Through a cadre of highly competent retainers, she managed to work herself up to the rank of Overseer, by claiming all successes of her underlings for herself and laying the blame for failures on others. Unbeknownst to many, Kahn is a follower of the Path of Evil Revelations (she claims to follow the Path of Honorable Accord) and worked to corrupt the Tal'Mahe'Ra from within.

Her fate following Enoch's destruction is not recorded.


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