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Marconius is the progenitor of the Kiasyd bloodline. He was originally a Cainite of the Lasombra clan. Shortly after his metamorphosis he vanished without hint only to reappear in Strasbourg in the late 12th century, when he took the city's princedom with the aid of his brood.


The historical accounts of the creation of the Kiasyd point to a trio of Lasombra who haphazardly delved into the roots of Obtenebration. The three vampires acquired through trade with a traveling wizard something labeled “the blood of Zeernebooch, god of the underworld.” What was actually in the bottle no one knows for sure, but the three Lasombra assumed it was what the wizard said it was and they mixed it in with the blood of an Unseelie fae they had captured, and with some herbal essences and other less identifiable things.

It should not have been a surprise that the experiment went horribly wrong. During the reign of Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate (360-363 AD) a hapless Lasombra named Marconius drank the potion and rapidly changed: growing taller, thinner and even paler. His eyes changed to orbs of inky black, his skin became a glowing chalk white, and his features took on a pronounced fae appearance.

Needless to say other Lasombra noticed. The clan elders were displeased, not with Marconius, who probably was tricked into drinking the tainted blood, and not with the other two Lasombra who induced the changes in Marconius (they denied responsibility for their work, but Marconius identified them without hesitation). No, the elders were most livid at the whole situation. Unauthorized blood experimentation, trafficking with a mage (and not even learning his name?!), and possibly angering the fae community. The two Lasombra were destroyed for their carelessness and Marconius was exiled from the Lasombra clan and forbidden to create childer. Most believed in his condition he would not live long.

One elder moved to let Marconius go because he received word from the local fae lords they were interested in punishing him. This was a mistake. The Unseelie fae apparently did not punish him as stated and instead aided Marconius with his studies of Obtenebration, and even bestowed some of their magical powers upon him. The Kiasyd called their powers “Mytherceria” though they still practiced the Lasombra disciplines of Dominate and Obtenebration as well.

Marconius and his line were not heard from until late in the 12th century, when they resurfaced in Strasbourg, where they drove out the panicked Ventrue. The Lasombra decided to do nothing. The Kiasyd were only bothering the Ventrue and Strasbourg was hundreds of miles from any Lasombra stronghold. It would seem research is the primary focus of Kiasyd existence, as they have shown remarkable persistence at obtaining the materials they are looking for (even walking through walls to get them). The Lasombra decided to allow the Kiasyd reasonable access to clan-held libraries.

The Kiasyd seem to hold no grudge over the ill treatment of their progenitor and Marconius himself has stated he is past the need for vengeance. The elders responsible for Marconius’ banishment are relieved at this, but the fact remains there are so few Kiasyd around they neither possess the strength or numbers to do anything about it.

A Dirty Secret? Edit

It should be noted that at the time of Marconius' transformation, the term Kiasyd referred to any faerie-blooded who had been successfully Embraced, and to the childer they sired. Around the beginning of the Renaissance, Marconius appears to have attempted to make himself and his childer the only Kiasyd, trying to eliminate all the others. The other Kiasyd gave him what he wanted rather than fight, giving up their name and territory and renaming themselves the Maeghar. As far as present-day Kindred society is concerned, Marconius and his line are indeed the only Kiasyd.



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