Maqqabah vtmr design

Game's sketch for Maqqabah the Golem

Maqqabah was a Golem created in the Dark Ages by Rabbi Mordecai ben Judah using Kabbalistic magic. It was made from clay, and animated by means of a scroll (the Shem) in its brow that bore the Hebrew word for truth. The Golem could be destroyed by erasing one of the letters in this word, changing the word to 'death'.

Its purpose was to protect the Jews of the Northern Quarter of Prague. The Cappadocian vampire Garinol wished to learn the secrets of the Golem so that he could better protect his haven at Petrin Hill Monastery, but to prevent this from happening his treacherous childe Mercurio afflicted the Golem with grave rot. As a result, the Golem went mad, destroying buildings and slaughtering the Jews it had been built to protect, including the Rabbi.

When Mercurio's plot was discovered, the Brujah Wilhem Streicher and Christof Romuald ventured to the Northern Quarter and destroyed the Golem. They recovered the Shem and brought it to the Rabbi's son, Mendel, who offered it to the Cappadocians to help them in their own research on Golems.[1]


  • The word maqqabah (hbqqm) means "hammer" in Hebrew.



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