Mammon, the Feeder of Greed or Gushasu-Nihur, is one of the nine Maeljin.


This horrible creature plagues any Cahalith near his Wounds with visions of want and hunger. He appears as a skeletal angel with pale skin and bat's wings. His brittle bones and patchwork membranes seem like desperate stolen things and the Bale Hounds that follow him feel this need strongly and are compelled to steal and covet what they don't have. Many pledge themselves to Carnala and Baalphegor as well, a trinity called the "Selfish Three."

Mammon's favored Maeltinet incarnation is the Dying Priest, a grey-skinned, emaciated young man with golden teeth who preys on the needy and desperate: streetpeople, gamblers, businesspeople, etc. As might be expected of a powerful greed-spirit, the Dying Priest revels in gathering huge cults to himself and wearing down their souls until they belong fully to Mammon. Once they are worn down, many of these hapless mortals all too easily become Spirit-Ridden.


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