Name: Malintzin
Plural: Malintzin
Nicknames: Traitors, Malinchismas
Parent Clan: Daeva
Disciplines: Celerity, Dominate, Majesty, Vigor

The Malintzin are a mexican bloodline of the Daeva Clan styled after La Malinche, the indigenous lover of Hernán Cortés. They are allied with the Invictus and seen by other native vampires as traitors who sold out to save their own hides. In addition, the Malintzin Embrace only from wealthy Mestizos, further leading credence to that claim.


The Malintzin bloodline descends from a young vampire woman known only as Malintzinita ("the Little Malinche") tonight. She is said to have been the daughter of Hernán Cortés and Doña Marina, born in secret before the son that history remembers as theirs. The daughter was, according to rumors, hidden away, because Cortés desired a son that he could present as the heir of the new mexican kingdom, and a daughter would have been ngative for his plans. Tonight, that daughter is the sole recognized Avus of the Malintzin bloodline and a much hated Prince in Mexico. She claims that she was cursed with undeath by God himself, but many of her subjects claim she was cursed by the betrayal of her mother and the greed of her father - that she was damned since birth to never walk beneath the Mexican sun as an adult.

Any Kindred who joins the bloodline either accepts the hatred of the Malintzin in exchange for power or simply has no care for the thoughts of her fellow Damned. Malintzin are often not even regarded as being Kindred, per se, by Mexican vampires. They are neither Daeva nor Ventrue, just as mestizos are not quite Spanish or Indian. Despite the dislike in the population, the Malintzin have secured positions of power and rule with iron fists.


In addition to the Daeva weakness, the Malintzin share the curse of the Ventrue.

Also, a Malintzin must have at least one dot in Herd, Retainer or Fame to maintain her sense of identity and confidence. Without a dot in one of these Merits, a Malintzin must spend a Willpower point to awaken each night, in addition to Vitae.


Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Daeva clan

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