The Malhim were a race of either angels or angelic beings who appeared during the Time of Atrocities, and came to be known as the bane of the existence of the rebel angels.


Unlike the initial angelic defenders, these new warriors did not shy away from actual conflict and battle. Some demons thought that the very meaning for their existence was to sentence as many of the Sebettu to oblivion as they could.

Despite being considered angelic, their origins and true nature remain unknown to the Fallen; some said they were born from the fires of the Siege of Sagun, while others believed them to be the souls of faithful mortals blessed by Uriel to their deaths at the hands of demons. Whatever their origins, their power was fearsome to behold. Many demons pray to Lucifer to never see their kind again.[1]

Werewolves' ability to alter their form from human to wolf is nothing the Fallen ever conceived, yet werewolves' evident sensitivity to the natural world and ability to travel to the land of the dead suggests knowledge and capabilities that could only come from divine origin. It is believed that werewolves could be the descendant of the terrible Malhim. Nearly every encounter with these beasts has resulted in immediate bloody violence, and they seem to take as a moral imperative to banish the Fallen back to the Abyss regardless the cost.[2]


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