Malcadence's Den is a Thorn-Town within the Hedge. It’s a den of iniquity; a sprawling settlement of sin. 


It’s forever night in the burg of Malcadence’s Den. Fireflies flit about. Crickets buzz a jarring racket (and those who listen closely might hear whispered entreaties urging listeners to indulge long-buried urges). Nobody comes to the Den looking for wisdom. Principles die here, choked beneath the salty puddles that dot the boardwalks and muddy banks. Most of the town’s populace is transient: those who come to give into their worst inclinations then stumble away, groggy and sick and happy.

It has its residents, though, those mad changelings who run (or work) the brothels, gambling houses and fighting pits. Hobs serve in a lower capacity, and once in a rare while a Keeper comes through, his grim presence darkening even the deepest of shadows and sending everybody but the fireflies into hiding. Soon as the danger passes, the sin kicks back into high gear — narcotic smoke drifts toward the pregnant moon, blood and beer run down between floorboards, and the sounds of belly-laughs and shrieking sobs suffuse the night air.

Changelings who come to the Den find that, while here, they cannot regain Willpower by indulging in behaviors related to Virtue. However, when they indulge Vice, they not only gain a point of Willpower, but they also gain a point of Glamour.