The Kindred Discipline of preternatural charisma and charm. Its applications allow the practitioner to impose willing submission, to elicit the confessions of dark secrets and more. Majesty is the signature Discipline of clan Daeva. The powers of Majesty are Awe, Revelation, Entracement, Summoning, and Sovereignty. (VTR: Vampire: The Requiem Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip, p 128)

Powers Edit

As of Vampire the Requiem Second Edition, powers of Majesty were refined and reorganized. (Source:

  • Awe: Awe magnifies the vampire’s presence in the eyes of others, making her seem cool, hot, and in general the kind of person with her very own spotlight.
  • Confidant: When the vampire speaks, she creates an air of trust and reliability. The victim gains the Charmed Condition.
  • Green Eyes: The victim feels deep jealousy over the vampire’s attention and desperation for her favor.
  • Loyalty: The vampire becomes so important to the victim that acting against the vampire becomes traumatic. The victim gains the Enthralled Condition.
  • Idol: The vampire takes on the mantle of the king or the star, becoming so important in the eyes of others that they cannot possibly act against her.

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