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The (Unofficial) White Wolf Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia project where you can find out about the worlds and systems created by White Wolf, producer of many roleplaying games, board games, card games, novels and more. The White Wolf Wiki started in May 2004, and currently has 10,082 articles. See what's changed recently.

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Real-life Events

  • 1970
    • White Wolf President and CEO Mike Tinney is born. Happy 46 th birthday, Mike!
  • 2002
    • Shea Porr of the Camarilla Fan Club discusses the judge's decision to grant White Wolf's motion to move the case to Atlanta. The Camarilla can no longer afford the case, and will discuss how to make an easy transition with White Wolf.[1]

Classic World of Darkness Events

  • 1999
    • One of Dr. Winston Brown's students, Bryan, has a report due on the Mesoamerican concept of time and the end of the world. It's handed in very late.[2]
  • 2003
    • Gawain Alexander and Jezebel Lee spend the day exploring Etruscan tombs, and notes that they're laid out like the homes the Etruscans may have had in life. When an object wasn't entombed, it was painted onto the walls, which was apparently enough to ensure its presence in the afterlife.[3]

Trinity Universe Events

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