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In the Chronicles of Darkness some humans have a chance to become something more. They have a chance to understand the world like never before. They travel to the Realms Supernal, and return Awakened.

What is Awakening ?Edit

Awakening is the process by which a mortal journeys to the Realms Supernal and carves their name into one of the five Watchtowers. It can be divided into Mystery Plays and Astral Journeys.

Mystery PlaysEdit

In a Mystery Play the mage-to-be experiences the mundane world in a magical manner. People, places, and things take on different forms than what they normally are. If the mage-to-be plays his/her role in this event than he/she will become a mage. Effectively, a Mystery Play is when a mage-to-be experiences mundane reality as the Supernal Realms, and if the mage-to-be plays along they will be able to carve their name into one of the five Watchtowers.

Astral JourneysEdit

In an Astral Journey the mage-to-be enters into the innermost portion of his/her soul and follows the path to one of the five Watchtowers. If the mage-to-be succeeds to carve his/her name into the Watchtower before waking up than he/she becomes a mage. The Astral Journey often occurs to those who resist the process of Awakening, and will usually occur in some altered state of consciousness (such as during a dream, deep meditation, or ecstasy).

What does Awakening do ?Edit

By Awakening the mage is able to use magic. She/he is now able to impose his/her will onto the universe, although doing so risks Paradox. Awakening also determines what type of magic a mage will have a proficiency in. On a more philosophical level, Awakening reveals that the mundane world is a lie. Humans have been both robbed of their rightful place and imprisoned by the pretender-gods: the Exarchs.

The Realms SupernalEdit

There are five Watchtowers, and each exist in one of five Supernal Realms. Each one influences the Arcana a mage can use. The five Realms are Aether, where the Watchtower of the Golden Key dwells, Pandemonium, where the Watchtower of the Iron Gauntlet resides, Stygia, where the Watchtower of the Lead Coin waits, Arcadia, where the Watchtower of the Lunargent Thorn lies, and the Primal Wild, where the Watchtower of the Stone Book sits. Those who Awaken to the Watchtower of the Golden Key are Obrimos, to the Watchtower of Iron Gauntlet are Mastigos, to the Watchtower of the Lead Coin are Moros, to the Watchtower of the Lunargent Thorn are Acanthus, and to the Watchtower of the Stone Book are Thyrsus.


Magic is the power to impose one's will onto reality and is divided into ten Arcana. These are Death, Fate (MTAw), Forces (MTAw), Life (MTAw), Matter (MTAw), Mind (MTAw), Prime (MTAw), Space, Spirit (MTAw), and Time (MTAw). Each Path has two Ruling Arcana and one Inferior Arcanum. Obrimos' Ruling Arcana are Forces and Prime, while its Inferior Arcanum is Death. Matigos' Ruling Arcana are Mind and Space, while its Inferior Arcanum is Matter. Moros' Ruling Arcana are Matter and Death, while its Inferior Arcanum is Spirit. Acanthus' Ruling Arcana are Fate and Time, while its Inferior Arcanum is Forces. Thyrsus' Ruling Arcana is Life and Spirit, while its Inferior Arcanum is Mind.


To cast a spell one most have the proper number of dots in all the Arcana involved in the spell. All spells are classified as Covert or Vulgar. Covert spells do not cause Paradox, Vulgar Spells do. If one has the required dots they must then choose to cast it as an instant or extended action. Any spell can be cast as an extended action, but a spell that was originally an extended casting cannot be cast as an instant action. While casting a spell one can speak the High Speech to increase the chances of success, or one can use Atlantean Runes. After casting the spell, if the spell was vulgar, roll to determine if the spell caused Paradox. After the roll and depending on the results, the effect of the spell will occur.


Paradox is the Abyss striking back at a mage for casting a Vulgar spell and will either harm the mage or derail the spell.

What Happens After Awakening ?Edit

After Awakening a mage will most likely join one of the five Pentacle Orders. These Orders are the Adamantine Arrow, the Mysterium, the Guardians of the Veil, the Silver Ladder, and the Free Council. Each one has an opposing philosophy, but struggle together against the three other groups: the Seers of the Throne, who are servants of the Exarchs, the Banishers, mages who wish to kill all mages, and the Mad, mages whose Awakening has driven them insane.

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