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Written by: Chris Allen, Dave Brookshaw, N Conte, Danielle Lauzon, David A Hill Jr., Matthew McFarland, Neall Raemonn Price, Lauren Roy, Malcolm Sheppard, John Snead, Travis Stout, Tristan J Tarwater, Stew Wilson, Filamena Young, Eric Zawadzki
Developer: Dave Brookshaw
Editor: Dixie Cochran, Ellen P Kiley
Creative Director: Richard Thomas
Development Producer: Rose Bailey
Art Direction and Design: Mike Chaney
Artists: Andrew Trabbold, Chris Huth, Prisilla Kim, Borja Puig Linares, Brian Leblanc, Subroto Bhaumik, Joel Biske, Jeff Holt, Chris Bivins, Leo Albiero, and Michael W. Kaluta
Setting Consultants: Amado Guzmán & Pedro Ramón
Play Testers: Agena Allen, Lathouras Athanasios, Arran Boyd, Michael Buono, Ian Crawford, Magkakis Constantinos, Jason Darnell, Edd Duggan, Steve Emmott, Lian Eyers, Jim Fisher, Magkakis Georgios, Ellie Hall, Jon Hall, Frances Horrocks, Tom Horrocks, Luke Ijebor, William Ijebor, Dave Jones, Serena Jones, Alec Kleier, Grace Lapsley-Martinez, Jessica Mallegol, Jason Martinez, Amanda McCartney, Nathan McCartney, Raido McComas, Carl Miller, Stephen Mitchell, Cassandra Murray, Jack Murray, Kapsalis Panagiotis, Acacia Limoges Peters, Brendan Quigley, Alanna Quigley, Duncan Ring, Alex Robertson, Sam Schlobohm, Phil St Leger-Harris, Dave Solares, Fern Stewart, Adele Taylor, Mark Townshend, Kay Tucker, Paul Tucker, Jessica Wardman, Nick Welker, Mark Anthony Williams II
Special Thanks
Bill Bridges for creating Mage
Everyone who participated in Open Development online forcommentary, community, and critique
Travis Stout, Neall Raemonn Price, Joe Carriker, and Malcolm Sheppard for constant design and development discussion
Sam Townshend, Mark Townshend, Rafe Richards, Agena Allen, Chris Allen, Dave Jones, Ian Crawford, Jon Hall, and Ellie Hall for playing in my Mage chronicles
Dedication: The wise masters who Awakened before me; Bill Bridges, Joe Carriker, Ethan Skemp, Matt McFarland, Eddy Webb, Stephen DiPesa, for paving the way as Mage Developers
To my late father, Peter Brookshaw, for his pride when I got this job
To Sharon Brookshaw, for her infinite patience with wizards
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
Imprint: White Wolf
Published: May 4, 2016
Pages: 328
Year: 2016
PDF: Bullet-pdf.png Bullet-nip
Price: $19.99

Mage: The Awakening Second Edition is the second version of Mage: The Awakening, updated to use the new rulesets as detailed in the Chronicles of Darkness.

Summary Edit

From the Onyx Path schedule:

The World is a Lie
Humanity is cursed into a prison of Sleep, ignorant of the wonder and danger all around them. Ground down into slavery to masters they’ll never see, beset by a plague of cares to distract them from the Truth.

You were like them, once, but now you are Awakened. You see the world beneath the Lie’s skin, and the Mysteries beckoning you into the shadows. Every day of your life, you hear the call of the supernatural, from the least ghost to the deepest cosmic enigmas.

You are a mage, one of the Wise. You see, know, and explore what others can’t imagine, from the depths of the human soul to the hidden corners of reality. Armed with your spells, driven by an addiction to Mysteries, you delve into the secrets of the world. Knowledge has a price, and the dangers are many.

This book contains
  • The complete guide to playing a mage in the Chronicles of Darkness.
  • Reimagined Paths, Orders, and powers to create your Awakened characters and their allies, including an updated version of the most comprehensive free-form magic system in gaming.
  • Five example settings across the world, from Los Angeles to Salamanca, each with a central Mystery.
  • A brand-new look at all the strange places of the Fallen World, from the Lower Depths to the Emanation Realms, and what mages might find within.

Introduction Edit

An extrapolation of the core themes of Mage, as well as a list of inspirational media

Part One: Faces of Magic Edit

A short overview over the five Paths - Acanthus, Mastigos, Moros, Obrimos and Thyrsus - as well as the six Orders - Adamantine Arrow, Guardians of the Veil, Mysterium, Silver Ladder, Free Council and Seers of the Throne.

Part Two: Through Awakened Eyes Edit

A short detailation of a mage's first contact with the Supernal, as well as the society of mages. It also includes the Lexicon.

Part Three: Supernal Lore Edit

A guide to Character Creation, along with details on Mage Sight and similar things.

Part Four: Magic Edit

A detailed view over the Magic system used in Second Edition, including new mechanics like Reach and Yantras. It also includes an extensive list of Spells.

Part Five: Fallen Laws Edit

Details the basics of the game, like attributes, combat rules and advises when to roll dice.

Part Six: A World of Magic Edit

Features the cosmology of Mage, including possible adversaries like Reapers, Mad and Scelesti.

Part Seven: Mysterios Places Edit

Five examples of mage society across the globe: In London, in Los Angeles, in Salamanca, in Tokyo and in Tucson.

Part Eight: Storytelling Edit

Advises on how to run a Mage chronicle.

Appendix One: Supporting Cast Edit

Details the role of Sleepers, Sleepwalkers and Proximi, as well as the servants of the Throne.

Appendix Two: The Times Before Edit

Speaks of Atlantis and the Times Before, as well as their role in Mage culture.

Appendix Three: Conditions and Tilts Edit

A listing of possible tilts and conditions that could appear in a Mage game.

Appendix Four: Spellcasting Quick Reference Edit

A short rendition of the Spell system to use for the game.

Background Information Edit

Memorable Quotes Edit

Characters Edit

Notes Edit

This book was originally solicited as The Fallen World Chronicle, and was originally scheduled for release in Fall 2014.

References Edit

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