The Maeljin, also known as Lords of Wounds, are powerful spirits that rule over evil aspects of the Shadow. Each of them has its own court of spirits and Bale Hounds, but all are powerful enough to manifest avatars on both sides of the Gauntlet.


The little-understood Lords of Wounds, or Maeljin, are the Diharim (Greater Incarna) ruling ilthum (Descant) of negative concepts and emotions, demigods of vices and evil. Cahalith name dozens of Maeljin, but some names seem to belong to the same entities, and the lore of the Forsaken doesn’t include a comprehensive list.

Also, these monstrous beings don’t seem to be entirely spiritual. They’re either invading entities from whatever lies through the Wounds, or Diharim of humanity’s dark impulses that have been infected by that other place. The Forsaken aren’t sure which would be worse, but the tribes can’t allow the Maeljin to spread their influence in the Hisil (Shadow Realm).

Known MaeljinEdit


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