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The Madness Network, also known as the Cobweb, the Tapestry or a dozen other names, is a psychic link shared by all vampires of the Malkavian clan.


Even within the clan, few understand the nature and purpose of the Network, though all agree that Malkav himself is somehow involved. One of the more popular theories is that Malkav no longer exists in a physical form, but instead is a psychic entity - Malkav is the Network. Others claim the Network was created by him in order that he may use every one of his childer as his eyes and ears in the mortal world.

The Network's main function seems to be bringing Malkavians together for gatherings through "the Call", a powerful psychic summons. This was the method used to gather the majority of the clan for "the Prank" - the removal of Dementation - before the formation of the Camarilla. Gatherings in the modern nights are generally much smaller, and are often called to organise a group activity such as pranking an elder or terrorising a particular area of a city.

Not all Malkavians can access the Network with equal skill, and only the most powerful can use it for their own purposes. The gathering of almost the whole clan mentioned above was the doing of six Methuselahs. Several high-level powers of the Auspex and Dementation Disciplines allow Malkavians to access and use the Network, and all Malkavians may learn the Talent of "Malkavian Time", which allows them to tap into it with greater ease, and even - though with much difficulty - send messages to other Malkavians.

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