"Madame Dubarry" has never been to Europe, as any Frenchman could tell instantly from her fake accent.  Rosa Krazny took the name from a movie, because she liked the sound of it.  She and her girls deal in dreams as much as in their more obvious commodity, and a touch of France has always helped things along.

It's almost a cliche that her profession caters for all kinds and all tastes, and that the stranger the taste, the greater the profit.  Madame Dubarry is known in the demi-monde for never turning anyone away, provided they can meet her price.  There are some pretty wild rumors, and some wonder how she could ever stay in business - it's obvious that she has some protection at the highest possible level.  No rumors could ever match the scenes in her secret "red room," however, for that is the chosen feeding ground of a powerful coterie, which likes to unwind in some unusual ways, unusual even for vampires.

Character SheetEdit

Demeanour: Gallant

Physical: Strength: 2, Dexterity: 3, Stamina: 3

Social: Charisma: 3, Manipulation: 5, Appearance: 2

Mental: Perception: 3, Intelligence: 1, Wits: 2

Talents: Actin: 3, Alertness: 3, Dodge: 2, Empathy: 3, Streetwise: 2

Skills: Drive: 2, Etiquette: 3, Firearms: 1, Music: 1, Security: 3

Knowledge: Finance: 1, Medicine: 2, Politics: 2

Backgrounds: Allies: 1, Contacts: 3, Resources: 1 

Virtues: Conscience: 2, Self-Control: 5, Courage: 3

Path: Humanity: 7

Willpower: 3

=Appears InEdit

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