Machete Paul




Gangrel aquarii



Machete Paul is one of the more apparent members of the reclusive Aquarii line of the Gangrel. He claims the docks and waters around New York as his domain, hunting kine instead of maritime lifeforms like many of his kind.

Not much is known about Machete's past and the only words he shares with outsiders are warnings against further trespassing into his domain. The few contacts he has (mostly Nosferatu) believe that he was once a seaman that was embraced in New York. He relentlessly attacks every member of the Sabbat that dares to venture with the boat into his domain and most Camarilla vampires get only one warning before he attacks them.

Although Machete can pass for a normal human, he seldom does. His Clan curse has left his eyes shark-like and dead grey and scales patch his entire body. The only time when he comes to the dry land is to hunt in the docks and the shores.

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