Maastraac is one of the Maeljin, the dark spirits of sin in the Shadow. He is called the Master of Envy or Asusar-Rihur.


Envy can grip the hearts of any werewolf, whether Forsaken or Pure, and it can build up into something deeper. When it builds to a height where the Master of Envy can win them over completely. As Bale Hounds, the Hounds of Maastraac try to undermine the packs sworn to Luna and they often take the long view of this mission, searching for ways to turn their strengths into weaknesses. Once a pack is thrown into confusion, the Bale Hound can take their loci, totems, and other treasures.

Maastraac's favored servant is the Maeltinet called the Artist of Spirals. While this creature appears to be nothing more than a normal mortal, anyone with the power to see spiritual matters (including the Gift Two-World Eyes) will see the creature's spiritual "skin" covered in scars and symbols. The Artist of Spirals marks mortals with a sign by touch that will mark them out as targets for envy-spirits, creating a miasma of spirit interference that most often ruins the target's life.


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