Lytek is the God of Exaltation and as such controls the time and place of all Celestial Exaltations, he also controls the time at which the Terrestrial Exalted Exalt. It is also his job to decide what memories an Exaltation carries with it from a previous life.

Lytek was at one time a very well respected figure in the Bureau of Heaven; however, when the Usurpation occurred, Chejop Kejak had Lytek held captive for some time in order to collect the Exaltations of any Solars that had escaped the initial purge. This resulted in a huge loss of status, power and respect that has lasted until the reemergence of the Solar Exalted recently.

Lytek owns a set of items crafted by Autochthon (known as the Divine Apparatae of Periapt Surgery) that allow for changes to be made in an Exalt's Shard, however one such item was lost within the year and Lytek has no idea who took it. It was kept under lock and key to such a degree that only the best thieves in Creation (or anywhere else) would be able to get at it.

In appearance Lytek resembles a well-dressed citizen of the First Age composed entirely of light. Lytek is a god of the fourth grade and has knowledge of every charm ever conceived by an Exaltation that he has dealt with and is also able to radically decrease the time required for an Exalt to improve its Essence rating.

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