Luqman ibn Wahid al Basim






Followers of Set





Luqman ibn Wahid al Basim was a traveling Setite merchant during the Dark Ages, who hoped to use the crusades for his Clans own ends. Luqman ibn Wahid al Basim was born as the spoiled eldest son of a spice merchant in Alexandria. His parents granted him every wish and he grew up viewing life as a sybaritic festival of pleasures. After his parents died under mysterious circumstances, Luqman inherited their fortune and managed to ruin their business due to his extravagant lifestyle and lacking experience. He fell under the sway of a Follower of Set, who drenched him of every wealth he possessed. Determined to please his mistress, he began to work and eventually overtook a trade empire of a local merchant, pleasing his mistress enough to grant him the wisdom of Set. Soon afterwards, Luqman became a traveling merchant, who spreaded the words of Set, often under the cover of a wandering Toreador. He became interested in the crusades, hoping to use them to purge Egypt from muslim influences.

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