Not to be confused with Lunatics from Werewolf: The Apocalypse.

Lunacy is what affects every normal human who is unfortunate enough to see an Uratha in one of his hybrid forms- the more unnatural the form is, the greater is the fear it evokes . Luna's madness seeps through their bodies, radiating from them in the process, disrupting even photographs and video recordings. This power wraps around a werewolf like a cloak, infecting human observers with the same sort of insanity that causes them to become more violent under the full moon, to forget what the night led them to do. This madness -- which humans vaguely recognize, as evidenced by their use of the words "lunatic" and "moonstruck" -- is a weapon and a mask that Uratha use to conceal themselves. This is, however, not an absolute trait as a human with enough willpower can pierce through Lunacy and see the Werewolf for what he is.

Other supernatural beings, such as mages or vampires, are immune to Lunacy.

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