Name: Lucien Soulban
Gender: Male
Born: July 19, 1966 (Age: 51)
Web site:

Lucien Moussa Shukri Soulban is an author from Montreal, Canada. He was born in Saudi Arabia, but grew up in Houston, Texas. He has lived in Montreal for 16 years. Lucien Soulban is his real name.

As well as numerous credits, both role-playing and fiction, with White Wolf, he has written for Dream Pod 9, AEG, WizKids and Guardians of Order, and has also worked on video games with Relic and Artificial Mind and Movement, among others. He considers Orpheus his crowning achievement with White Wolf, and counts his novel Blood In, Blood Out (for Vampire: The Requiem) among his favourite accomplishments.

Lucien's official contributions for White Wolf include the following:

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