Lucas "Big Man" Broad is the leader of the Blasphemers, a "spook gang" that plays a role early in the Orpheus storyline. He is also one of the Flatliners.

Broad earned his nickname due to his immense size; he is both tall and extremely well-muscled. Growing up on the streets, he was a gang member by age 12 and had killed by the age of 14. He became known for his ruthlessness when it came to rubbing out other gangs who dared cross his path, and was usually used to patrol gang territory or to provide protection and drug deals and meetings.

His luck ran out when he was arrested because of a drive-by shooting he participated in. Cracking down on the local gangs because one of the victims was from an upper-class family, Broad was convicted and sentenced to death at the age of 19. He fell in the prison gangs, was branded as a troublemaker, and was then pushed into Project Flatline. Getting to know the other former gangbangers in the Project, he formed an alliance with then that went their own way when the Flatliners decided to escape. Uriah Bishop, another Flatliner who considered himself the leader, decried them and called them Blasphemers for abandoning his cause. The name was adopted as that of the gang Broad and his followers formed.

Since then, he has come to trust only one other Flatliner who was with him, Carlton Jackson. The other two Blasphemers, Stephen Moluxe and Jeffrey Rose have revealed themselves as unrelable and flamboyant; he distances himself from them to draw less attention to himself and the rest of the gang.