Name: Los Angeles
State: California
Country: United States of America

Los Angeles is a major city in southern California.

History Edit

Sometime in the 1930's, Lucifer ended up settling in the city. He gained a major hold over the city's entertainment industry, seeing its potential to influence the whole world.

A large number of Kindred Anarchs had also moved to the city by that time, and the Camarilla installed Don Sebastian as Prince to try and wipe them out. His actions provoked the second Anarch Revolt in 1944, leading to his death and the formation of the Anarch Free State, with the Anarch kindred of Los Angeles as its nominal heads.

Dagon sent word to Enshagkushanna that Lucifer had made a refuge for himself there, and Enshagkushanna became obsessed with tracking down the Prince of the Fallen.

In 1828, Christopher Houghton's boat, the Danube, wrecks in San Pedro Bay. The survivors of the wreck are taken in by Don Sebastian and given refuge. Houghton is the first vampire to arrive in what is now modern day Los Angeles.

In 1853, Christopher Houghton embraces Joaquin Murietta.

In 1870, Christopher Houghton embraces Don Sebastian.

In 1909, Christopher Houghton sees his first motion picture, setting the stage for Houghton's obsession with the development of the motion picture industry in Hollywood.

In 1912, Louis Fortier moves to Los Angeles.

In 1917, Don Leandro and his pack of Glasswalkers move to LA.

In 1927 “The Caballero” A Lasombra is named archbishop of southern California, and in is process to control los angeles he starts training Leila Monroe as a ghoul. [1]

In 1933 Lucifer, having escaped imprisonment in the Abyss, ended up settling in the city. He gained a major hold over the city's entertainment industry, seeing its potential to influence the whole world. Dagon sent word to Enshagkushanna that Lucifer had made a refuge for himself there, and Enshagkushanna became obsessed with tracking down the Prince of the Fallen.

In 1942 Leila Monroe is embraced and the Sabbat start a full “infiltration” policy of the anarchs. [1]

In 1943, Jeremy MacNeil arrives in Los Angeles.

In 1944, the Second Anarch Revolt takes place. Don Sebastian meets his final death. The Camarilla order is displaced in Los Angeles and is replaced by the founding of the Anarch Free State.

In 1945, the Revolutionary Council drafts the Status Perfectus- the rules by which the Free States were to govern themselves.

In 1947, the Revolutionary Council dissolves itself.

In 1952, Victor Girard, childe of Don Sebastian, reveals himself to Jeremy MacNeil and strikes a deal to be the kindred liaison of kine press.

In 1955, Clan Assamite accepted a contract from the Camarilla Inner Circle on Jeremy MacNeil, but the assassin was defeated by MacNeil and Crispus Attucks. Also, Disneyland is opened.

In 1960, Amethyst takes over as Baron of Santa Ana.

In 1962, Carolina Valez became Los Angeles' Archbishop.

In 1963, David Geduld, Ventrue Camarilla spy, moves to Los Angeles.

In 1965, the Sabbat lay seige led by Valez are defeated.[2] Mohammed Al-Muthlim switches sides in the heat of battle, masquerading as an Anarch. He becomes Bishop of Los Angeles.

In 1969, the Earthbound Manishtusu, the Lord of Murder, also came seeking Lucifer and attempted to do so by manipulating the street gangs of the city. The two began sporadic fighting with their followers, all the while searching for Lucifer. Dawn Cavanaugh, a Setite, founds a Temple of Set in Hollywood.

In 1972, California is named the Kingdom of Pacifica by the Changelings and is ruled by the King Sean.

In 1974 Bishop Mark and his Blood Brother Pack take Torrance for a domain. [3]

In 1982 Carolina Valez Pack leader of the Lost Angels, is declared a traitor to the sect by Fuller. Velez Accuses him of incompetence of title. Cardinal Strathcona intercedes and declares Fuller to be a failure and removes him from the title Giving it to the now Carolina Valez.  For the next 10 years Valez keeps the Sabbat underground not involving themselves in any warfare vs the Anarch free states. [4]

In 1985, King Sean is murdered by the Radical People's Front. Queen Aeron Ap Fiona takes the throne at the age of 16.

Queen Aeron falls in love with the Satyr Hamal and becomes decadent.

In 1992, the [Los_Angeles_riots|Rodney King Riots] take place.

In 1993, Carolina Valez was exiled to Mexico because she didn't use the riot of Rodney King to take Los Angeles. Mohammed al-Muthlim becomes Archbishop.

In 1998, the Kuei-Jin launch the Great Leap Outward on Los Angeles. The New Promise Mandarinate is founded.

In 1999, the Yellow Springs launches the invasion of Los Angeles' Necropolis. The Sixth Great Maelstrom and the Avatar Storm happens. The Fall of L.A. begins with a decapitation strike against MacNeil. The New Promise Mandarinate is born.

The Gates of Hell opens and many of the escaped Fallen come to Los Angeles for the same reason as Lucifer, seeking to control the entertainment industry and gain worldwide influence. Gradually they became vaguely aware of Lucifer's presence and came in greater numbers; perhaps oddly, the presence of so many fallen had a temporary stablizing effect on the city, and eventually a fallen named Spentu Mainyu became the head of the city's largest Infernal Court.

The final Earthbound to arrive, the legendary "Great Beast" Belial himself, desperately wanted to be the one to strike down Lucifer and made deals with Enshagkushanna and Manishtusu. To signal the start of their deal, Belial caused the catastrophic Devil's Night earthquake, which effectively shut down Los Angeles and the surrounding neighborhoods. The other two Earthbound sent forth their servants to further the chaos, causing riots, looting, arson, and other crimes while reaping Faith from the population. The horror lasted for five days and the city was effectively crippled as the government centers, police, and fire departments were reduced to rubble.

In October 1999 Tara defects to the Camarilla. Already, the Camarilla had secured San Diego, prompting the withdrawal of the Violet Path Posse to Los Angeles, where they helped make up for losses among the invasion’s front-line troops. A censor sent from the Blood Court reported that despite Hao’s glowing memorials to the contrary, morale among his troops was abysmal. Forget that Jiejie Li had starved his troops of resources in Hong Kong, that the campaign in LA had cost less Kuei-jin and resources than the one in Shanghai, that the Flatbush and Stockton Posse had spent more time trying to secure a source of income than helping out with the war, or that Hao’s own lieutenant had betrayed him. Failure was not compatible with Hao’s stated beliefs, nor was it survivable, given the obvious scope of his ambitions. Ancestor Ch’ang had Hao Wei-Liang sent a calligraphic brush and inkstone, a sign that he was expected to do his duty. Hao did so, meeting the Eye of Heaven

in November 1999 Salvador Garcia and Louis Fortier join forces with the Cathayans against Camarilla and the Sabbat becoming Minsters of the New Promise. Many surviving Anarchs consider them anathema and openly accuse him of betraying MacNeil to his Final Death. [5]

On November 3, 2002 Lucifer himself appeared in Apocalyptic Form near the remains of City Hall. The vision lasted for an instant, but it was enough to quell the riots and inspired millions with renewed faith to go to the local churches, synagouges, and temples. While it inspired the three Earthbound to further efforts, many of the fallen from around the world, watching the revelation on broadcasts, travelled to Los Angeles, hoping to see their former leader again.

On November 17, Baroness Kishar escapes from Hell. Spentu Mainyu gives her the post of Baroness of the Infernal Court. She names him Lord Inquisitor of the Dragon Ministry

On December 24 2002, Lady Anat arrives. Spentu Mainyu secretly supports her to found the Blood Court. She names him Minister of the Dragon.


Los Angeles

The following year, the Anarchs were ousted by invading Kuei-jin. The Camarilla moved in swiftly, appointing Sebastian LaCroix Prince of the city. Despite the Camarilla's claim, violence escalated to open warfare between the Camarilla, the Sabbat, the Anarchs and the Kuei-jin, both over the territory itself and the possession of the artifact known as the Anakaran Sarcophagus.



The infernal political landscape of Los Angeles is unlike any that existed before the rebels’ imprisonment in the Abyss, and it is unusual even in the modern context granted to the demons by their mortal coils. The Los Angeles that the Fallen inhabit is one divided by two powerful courts and constantly rumbling with the furtive schemes of those outside the purview of both organizations. The original court, known simply as the Infernal Court of Los Angeles, has been in existence since the Fallen first began to return to Earth. At its head is Baroness Kishar, a straightforward Luciferan Scourge who prefers a face-to-face fight over under-handed skullduggery. This court has secured a significant power base in the city, and it is largely considered the “official” court there.

A second group of Fallen, however, led by the Fiend known as Lady Anat, has brazenly established what she calls the Blood Court of Los Angeles. Populated and governed largely by members of the Ravener faction, this court is quite different in outlook from the Infernal Court. Nonetheless, it actually shares a ruling member in common with that group, and two other opposing members of those groups are like-minded lovers who maintain frequent contact. There is no outright hostility between these two courts as of yet, mostly because the idea of two governing bodies claiming the same territory is such a bizarre concept to the Fallen that they do not quite know what to make of it. Members of both groups are working even now, though, to secure as much power and eminence as they can as insurance against the inevitable day when the courts come into open conflict and must vie directly against one another for supreme influence over the city.

On top of this growing inter-court unease, the Fallen also have their regular inter-faction disputes to worry about, as well as simple interpersonal clashes and one even more substantial issue. It is known (or widely suspected by the average Fallen on the street, at any rate) that at least two powerful Earthbound demons exist and operate in Los Angeles, having had much more time and power at their disposal to effect their terrible, incomprehensible designs. Regardless of what faction one espouses personally, such considerations often take the hindmost when it comes to curtailing one of these mad beings’ dangerous plots.[6]

Geography Edit

Downtown Edit

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Downtown map

A map of some key locations in Downtown LA.

Downtown Los Angeles is the home of the Ventrue Prince Sebastian LaCroix, as well as the Brujah Anarchs Smiling Jack and Nines Rodriguez.

Santa Monica Edit

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SantaMonica map

A map of some key locations in Santa Monica.

Santa Monica is considered the domain of Chenrezig, a Fiend minister of the Eagle of the Infernal Court. To the Kindred, it used to be inside the domain of Baron Louis Fortier, but by the mid-2000s, Therese Voerman became the primary contender for the title of Baron, with an eye to joining the Camarilla.

Hollywood Edit

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Hollywood map

A map of some key locations in Hollywood.

During the Anarch Free State's existence, Hollywood was the domain of Louis Fortier, followed by the Toreador Baron Isaac Abrams. The Nosferatu warren of Los Angeles has an exit point in the local cemetery.

Hollywood is also the seat of a Changeling domain held by Duke Jayson.[7]

South Central LA and ComptonEdit

It is the domain of Mohammed al-Muthlim and the Crypt's Sons (Sabbat).

East LA Edit

The barony of Salvador Garcia and the La Hermandad gang.


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Chinatown map

A map of some key locations in Chinatown.

Chinatown is under the jurisdiction of the Kuei-jin and their local leader, Ming-Xiao.

Griffith Park Edit

Griffith Park is Garou territory.

References Edit

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