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Name: Lore of Awakening
House: Asharu
Visage: Dagan

The Lore of Awakening allows the Asharu to create and protect life, or to destroy it through disease and poison.


  • Menu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet Find the Faithful: The Fallen may locate an individual by their unique Faith if they know their name and are within a few miles of their target. High-Torment: The Asharu may only locate individuals without Faith or Willpower.
  • Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet Cleanse: The Asharu purify their target of all toxins and disease. High-Torment: The Asharu spread a supernatural disease that weakens their targets and leave them listless.
  • Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet Heal: The Asharu restore a body to full health, and may even heal aggravated damage with a touch. High-Torment: The evocation's target is poisoned, and is likely to die in a matter of hours.
  • Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bullet Animate: The Asharu temporarily grant life to an inanimate object, and may direct the object's actions as long as they can see it. High-Torment: The animated objects become rabid, and will attack any living creature they can reach if the Asharu can't or doesn't control them.
  • Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bullet Restore Life: The Asharu may restore life to a recently deceased body, and they might even restore a soul to that body. High-Torment: the reanimated bodies become rabid, and will attack anybody they can reach unless the Asharu controls them.

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