Lords of the Night is an expansion set for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, published by White Wolf in 2008. This set focuses on the independent clans, revisiting them for the new Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Third Edition set. Each of the four preconstructed decks for this set spotlighted one of the independent clans: the Assamites, Followers of Set, Giovanni and Ravnos.

Card listEdit

New cardsEdit

A: AK-47; Abdelsobek; Accorri Giovanni; Agent of Power; Ahmose Chambers; Alu; Ambulance; Anjalika Underwood; Armor of Vitality; Army of Apparitions; Arnulf Jormungandrsson; Autonomic Mastery
B: Bakr; Belle Equitone; Bertrand d'Anjou; Bestow Vigor; The Black Throne; Blithe Acceptance; Blood Awakening; Bloodlust; Brian Thompson; Brute Force; Bundi; Burden the Mind
C: Camera Phone; Can't Take It With You; Cave of Apples; Chair of Hades; Charigger, The Axe; Chavi Oraczko; Clea Auguste d'Holford; Cobra Fangs; Cold Aura; Command the Legion; Community Justice; Conceal; Condemn the Sins of the Father
D: Diego Giovanni; Divine Image; Djuhah, The Bronze Bow; Dmitri Borodin; Dream World; Durga Syn
E: Eluding the Arms of Morpheus; Eric Milliner; The Eternal Mask; The Eternals of Sirius; Evan Rogers; Eyes of Blades
F: False Resonance; Fantasy World; Fillip; Flesh Bond; Forearm Block; Francis Milliner
G: Ganesh; Gianmaria Giovanni; Giovanni del Georgio; Gramle; Guillaume Giovanni; Gwen Brand
H: Hafsa, The Watcher; Halim Bey; Haqim's Law: Leadership; Hard Case; Heart's Desire; Hide the Mind
I: Into Thin Air; Izhim abd Azrael
J: Jamal; Jayakumar; Jericho Founding; Johann Matheson
K: Kabede Maru; Karavalanisha Vrana; Kashan; Kay Polerno; Khazar's Diary (Endless Night); Kiradin; Kpist m/45; Kumpania
L: Lady Constancia; Layla bint-Nadr; Lesser Boon; Leverage; Lizette; Lorenzo Detuono; Loss; Lost in Translation; Luna Giovanni
M: Malajit Chandramouli; Mantle of the Moon; Marcia Felicia Licinia; Margaret Milliner; Marla Kenyon; Mental Maze; Mercury's Arrow; Mesu Bedshet; Mirror's Visage; Mokolé Blood; Monster; Monty Coven; Murmur of the False Will
N: Nakhthorheb; Narrow Minds; Neel Ramanathan; Nephren-Ka; Nest of Eagles; Nightstick; Nunzio Giovanni
O: Ogwon; Omael Kumon; Open Dossier
P: Paolo Sardenzo; Papa Legba; Pentweret; Permanent Vacation; Phaedyme; Poison the Well of Life; Porphyrion; Powerbase: Savannah; Powerbase: Zürich; Precision; Preternatural Strength; Primo Giovanni; Promise of 1528; Public Trust
Q: Quick Jab
R: Reckless Agitation; Renenet; Resist Earth's Grasp; Resume the Coil; Retain the Quick Blood; Revelation of Ecstasy
S: Sajid al Misbah; Sense the Savage Way; Set's Curse; Seterpenre; Sheepdog; Shell Break; Shemti; Shroudsight; Sisocharis; Slam; Soul Feasting; Spell of Life; Stephen Milliner; Street Cred; Strike at the True Flesh; Sukainah; Sundervere, The Devil Brahmin; Swiss Cut; Sympathetic Agony
T: Talith; Target Hand; Target Head; Target Leg; Target Vitals; Therbold Realty; Thucimia; Treasured Samadji; Trochomancy; Trophy: Library; Trophy: No Questions; Trophy: Revered; Tye Cooper
U: Underbridge Stray; Undying Tenacity; Unholy Penance; Urban Jungle
V: Vasiliy Vasilevich; Vassily Taltos; Vessel
W: Warrant; Will-o'-the-Wisp
X-Y: none
Z: Zapaderin

Reprinted cardsEdit

A: Amria; Apparition; Approximation of Loyalty
B: Baal's Bloody Talons; Bang Nakh - Tiger's Claws; Black Sunrise
C: Call of the Hungry Dead; Carrion Crows; Chill of Oblivion; Chimerstry; Clandestine Contract; Cloak the Gathering; Compel the Spirit; Concealed Weapon; Conditioning; Confusion of the Eye; The Crocodile Temple
D: Deed the Heart's Desire; Divine Sign; Dominate Kine; Dragonbound; Dummy Corporation
E: Ecstasy; Edged Illusion; Enticement; Ex Nihilo
F: Fata Amria; Fata Morgana; Fatuus Mastery; Flurry of Action; Forced March; Forced Vigilance; Forger's Hammer; Form of Corruption; Fortune Teller Shop; Foul Blood; Freak Drive; Free States Rant; Frontal Assault
G: Garrote; Gemini's Mirror; Giant's Blood; Graverobbing
H: Haqim's Law: Judgment; Harass; Hierophant
I: Ignis Fatuus; Immortal Grapple; Indomitability; Inspire Greatness; Instinctive Reaction
J: Jack of Both Sides; The Jones
K: Khabar: Glory; The Khabar: Honor; Khobar Towers, Al-Khubar; KRCG News Radio
L: none
M: Majesty; Market Square; Mask of a Thousand Faces; Mayaparisatya; Mirror Image; Morgue Hunting Ground
N: Necromancy; Nightmare Curse
O: Occlusion; Opium Den; Owl Companion
P: Park Hunting Ground; The Path of Blood; The Path of Bone; The Path of Paradox; Possession; Provision of the Silsila; Proxy Kissed; Pseudo-Blindness; Pursuit
Q: Quietus
R: Raven Spy; Ravnos Carnival; Revelation of Desire; Revelation of Despair; Revelation of Wrath; Rooftop Shadow
S: The Sargon Fragment; Scorpion's Touch; Secure Haven; Selective Silence; Serpentis; Shadow Feint; Shambling Hordes; Siphon; Skin of Night; Soak; Songs of the Distant Vitae; Spectral Divination; Spying Mission; Sudario Refraction; The Summoning; Svadharma; Swallowed by the Night
T: Tajdid; Taste of Death; Taste of Vitae; Temple Hunting Ground; Temptation; Torn Signpost; True Love's Face; Truth of Blood; Truth of a Thousand Lies; Tutu the Doubly Evil One (Bane Mummy)
U: Underworld Hunting Ground
V: Veil the Legions
W: Wash; Web of Knives Recruit; Week of Nightmares; Weighted Walking Stick; Whispers from the Dead; WMRH Talk Radio
X-Y-Z: none

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