Name: Lords of the Inanimate
Nicknames: Animists
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Silver Ladder
Arcana: Matter

The Lords of the Inanimate are a Legacy that deal with the complex relationships between the Shadow and the Material, particulary with the spirits of inanimated objects.


Everything in the Fallen World has a voice, if only one knows how to listen well enough. The ability to command the inanimate world comes with a far deeper understanding of and sympathy for the objects and devices around them. Once a Lord of the Inamimate have the ability to do so, most permanently awaken the spirits of the objects and devices they used most often. By simply pausing to listen, they can hear a chair complain about the weight of the person sitting in it, a kitchen knife's murmurs of contentment when it is sharpened, or the pleased sounds of a file as it is expertly used to shape a piece of wood. As a result, many have spiritually awakened houses, cars, computers, and occasionally cell phones or handguns. Lords of the Inanimate care for these objects as they would valued retainers and beloved pets. In return, the spirits within these objects typically do their best to aid and protect their owners.

Although rarely regard even the most powerful and intelligent spirits in objects as equals or colleagues. Instead, most feel a sort of noblesse oblige toward these spirits. They often care quite deeply about the spirits with whom they work, but also regard them as lesser beings whose proper place is to serve the mages who work with them. Even spirits that have been permanently awakened to full consciousness are seen as servants, in large part because these spirits owe their consciousness and intelligence to the actions of their owner or some other Animist.

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