Lord Kerne, the Master of Balefire is the Maeljin of Furmas, the Elemental Wyrm of tainted Fire. He controls the Duchy of Balefire in Malfeas.


Kerne is a creature of radiation and balefire who delights in nuclear accidents. He has grown fat on both the Chernobyl and the Fukushima nuclear disasters. Although his spirit form seems cadaverous and frail, his flesh is boiling lava and his breath atomic fire. He rides through the Umbra on a blazing chariot of hellfire, trailing sulfurous black smoke and deadly radioactive fallout in its wake.


Kerne's duchy is illuminated by the glow of Cherenkov radiation. In center of the realm stands a large Balefire volcano that emits radioactive lava. Kerne resides in a plutonium-infused fortress at the side of the volcano, and presides over hundreds of fomori that are slowly transformed by the contact with the balefire into hideous Banes.

Conditions for destructionEdit

Killing Lord Kerne is an arduous task that requires freezing him solid and then encasing his frozen form in lead. Anyone attempting this task must work fast, as the raw power of the Master of Hellfire thaws any freeze and melts any lead within an hour of contact.

Though trapping him in this manner destroys Lord Kerne, anyone breaching the lead case returns him to life. Any werewolf foolish enough to imprison a Maeljin Incarna had better have a good hiding place in mind.


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