Lord Collum, the Master of Sludge, is the Maeljin of H'rugg, the Elemental Wyrm of tainted Earth. He controls the Duchy of Sludge in Malfeas.


Collum is a creature made entirely of raw sewage. His influence extends throughout the sewers of all cities, allowing him to gather many secrets. He watches those dwelling there, attempting to corrupt Ratkin, Nosferatu vampires, and stranger creatures, tempting them with foul but useful gifts and bits of wisdom in return for their aid. He particularly enjoys contaminating clean drinking water with his poisons. He is the consort of Lady Yul, fertilizing her toxic eggs and adopting some of her viler children. Collum appears as a roughly humanoid figure made of raw sewage. His stench is powerful and lingering and he speaks in a hideous liquid gurgle.


The domain of Collum consists of glaciers of frozen sewage and mountain ranges of frozen debris. On the top of the largest glacier, Collum resides in a castle made out of polluted ice. Banes resembling worms feed through its tunnels and seek to devour anyone not under the protection of the Maeljin.

Conditions for destructionEdit

Anyone seeking to destroy Lord Collum must locate the seeds of five rare magical plants that each possesses a supernatural ability to purify toxins. Within a few minutes of planting these seeds in Lord Collum’s foul body, they sprout and grow, swiftly transforming him from a being of sewage into a plant elemental. The transformation is not final until three days have passed, and if sludge elementals can capture this plant-spirit, they can corrupt it back into Lord Collum.


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