Lord Choke, the Master of Smog, is the Maeljin of Hoga, the Elemental Wyrm of tainted Air and controls the Duchy of Smog in Malfeas.


Lord Choke enjoys smothering his victims’ freedom as he poisons their air. He directs his servants to clog the air with smog and smoke, delighting equally in stalled rush hour traffic and burning oil wells. His sickly sweet smoke deludes and befuddles his victims, twisting them to his will. This smoke precedes him wherever he travels, and gathers about his bluish, bulbous form like a living coat. His favorite offerings are of healthy lungs and brains.


The Duchy of Smog is filled with thick toxic clouds that make normal vision impossible. Only creatures that are immune to poison gases can breathe for long in this Duchy. The Maeljin himself resides in a factory made out of black iron that is the source of the constant smog clouds, attended to by eyeless Banes and strange mechanic devices that generate even more smog.

Conditions for his destructionEdit

The Garou must locate the four greatest and most powerful air elementals, and convince them to work together to disperse Lord Choke. Unfortunately, all four are bitter rivals, and none of them wishes to share their air with each other or Lord Choke. The Master of Smog is powerful enough to defeat any one of the elementals himself, and can hold his own against two. Only when all four blow as one wind can they achieve victory.


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