Garou glyph indicating autumn.

The Long Vigil is a seasonal Garou rite. It is performed during the autumn equinox, and begins at sunset and lasts until dawn. The rite is performed by at least five Garou, who spend the previous day decorating their sept with war trophies. The rite thanks Helios for his aid and welcomes Luna's ascendancy. The leader gathers the participants around a bonfire and chants in gratitude as the sun sets. The leader prays for safety in the long nights ahead and thanks Luna for her aid. The Galliard(s) of the sept point to each war trophy and tell stories of the sept's greatest victories, and spins the stories to glorify Luna. Other auspices may also be allowed to tell tales. At dawn, with a final shout of praise to Luna, the sept hurls all of its trophies into the fire as a sacrifice. The spirits take notice of the respect that the Garou are expressing for Helios and Luna.

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