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Authors: Brian Campbell, Chris Hartford, Adam Tinworth
Storyteller Game System: Mark Rein•Hagen
Developer: Justin Achilli
Editor: Ellen Kiley
Art Direction: Richard Thomas
Layout & Typesetting: Ron Thompson
Artists: Mike Danza, Guy Davis, Vince Locke, Christopher Shy, Andy Trabbold
Front Cover Art: Christopher Shy
Front and Back Cover Design: Ron Thompson
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: November 2002
Pages: 220
Year: 1880
Publication #: WW 02471
Reference #: ISBN 1-58846-230-7
Price: $19.95

London by Night is a supplement for Victorian Age: Vampire detailing kindred of the greatest city of the Victorian era.


From the White Wolf catalog:

The Domain of Mithras
Fog-shrouded streets conceal a myriad of crimes - but not all of them are a Kindred's doing. In the greatest city of the empire, untold horrors breed in cobbled alleyways and scheme on the estates of the Kindred gentry. For every exaltation Prince Mithras receives, a myriad of evils fester behind the scenes, and it's only a matter of time before they boil to the surface.


An overview of book information, resources to make it that much more interesting, and a lexicon of period British terminology.

Chapter One: London From the Dawn of TimeEdit

From the arrival of the Cainites in London to the Victorian Age, the Kindred have had a heavy hand in the history of both the city and Great Britain as a whole. Includes suggestions on the supernatural side for Jack the Ripper.

Chapter Two: The City RevealedEdit

How to get around London in this time period, and where to go.

Chapter Three: London's HostEdit

The members of each clan who call London home.

Chapter Four: ConspiraciesEdit

Mysteries and intrigue that could serve as hooks for a campaign.

Chapter Five: StorytellingEdit

Suggestions and rules for Storytellers for playing a London-based campaign.

Background InformationEdit

Memorable QuotesEdit



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