Name: Logophages
Nicknames: Secret Keepers
Path: any
Order: any (many Guardians)
Arcana: Mind

The Logophages are one of the most despised left-handed Legacies among the awakened as they actively destroy secrets and supernal knowledge. They call themselves Secret Keepers, believing that if a person was destined to know and unveil this secret, it will find it out, regardless of their efforts. Mages who are part of the Guardians of the Veil find this philosophy sometimes very intriguing, and many Logophages are former Guardians. To the end of keeping the secrets clean, they practice Mind.


To destroy a secret is a final act, one that can never be repaired or repealed. Complete destruction of unshared knowledge, perfect in its privacy, gifts a mage with strength and power that she could not otherwise possess. But in their own eyes, all that the Logophages do is in the service of keeping the secrets from falling into the wrong hands. There are so many mages in the Fallen World who belong there, who are fallen, too, and would not properly use the knowledge available to them. Sleepers would not understand what they learned even as their attention tarnished it. In order to prevent the misuse of the Arcana, and to prevent the Mysteries from unraveling beneath the Sleepers' collective gaze, Logophages put secrets where none will ever see them. A mage truly worthy to wield knowledge that a Secret Keeper has hidden will find a way, they believe. They destroy understanding in order to save it, and it is the nobility of their quest that empowers them.

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