One of the more dramatic applications of Pyrokinesis, this power enables the psion to excite an object's molecular structure so intensely that it shifts from a solid to a liquid state. The effect works best on materials with a low melting point; cheap plastics is ridiculously simple to liquefy compared to titanium. Although liquefy can't be used on living beings, it can certainly damage them indirectly -- a person touching molten metal is injured severely.

Truly powerful psychokinetics are said to be able to liquefy materials such as wood that would normally com-bust at high temperatures; the degree of control this requires is staggering.

System: Spend two points and roll Psi; the number of successes required to melt a target depends on the substance. The chart below indicates the number of successes needed to liquefy some sample materials. the targeted substance takes a number of turns to melt completely equal to the successes needed to liquefy it (so orbital steel takes three turns to reach a liquid state). the object's tremendous heat buildup is evident visually and by touch (contact with the substance as it melts inflicts three dice of Lethal damage), giving savvy individual time to clear the area.

Once liquefied, the substance returns to a solid state in a number of minutes equal to the successes needed to melt it (although the subject usually solidifies in a dramatically different shape).

successes Needed Substance

One - Plastic

Two - Copper

Three - Orbital Steel

Four - Granite

Five - Olaminium

If you don't roll the full number of successes required, your character can still increase a substance's temperature by an amount that the Storyteller feels is suitable.

Your character can affect a material up to his Psi score in meters radius (as long as it's within a range of 10 times his Psi rating in meters. At 5 Pyrokinesis, he may liquefy a number of targets equal to his Psi score, simultaneously.

Liquefy can also be used to thaw a frozen liquid (simple use the success chart under flash freeze).

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