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Libellus Sanguinis 1: Masters of the State

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Libellus Sanguinis: Masters of the State is the first in a series of sourcebooks that details the clans of Vampire: The Dark Ages. The Libellus Sanguinis books are similar to the popular Clanbooks, but each presents three clans in one! Volume One investigates the shadowy Lasombra, the monstrous Tzimisce and the manipulative Ventrue. How much difference has 800 years made?


  • Vital information on the three clans of nobility - the Lasombra, Tzimisce and Ventrue;
  • Expanded Discipline powers, new Abilities and details on clan activities in Dark Medieval Europe and beyond;
  • Hints and secrets of the clans lost to the passage of time between the Dark Medieval world and the modern World of Darkness.

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