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Name: Lhiannan
Plural: Lhiannan
Pronunciation: lee-ANN-ann
Nicknames: Druids, Barbarians, Savages
Founder: The Crone
Faction: Independent
Disciplines: Animalism, Ogham, Presence
Parent clan: Gangrel
"When the trees are pulling you apart, you may feel free to call
out for your god. If he saves you, I shall give up my glade."

The Lhiannan are a territorial, druidic Cainite bloodline who existed in the Dark Ages. Though they are an offshoot of Clan Gangrel, they do not believe they are descended from Caine at all, but instead believe they were created by "the Crone", a mysterious figure who may be the same Crone mentioned in the Book of Nod.

The Lhiannan have a unique connection to the world of spirits, most notably in the form of their Discipline Ogham; this connection gives them an inhuman aura obvious even to humans. They are also bound to the land, unable to leave their chosen woodland territories for long without becoming weak.

History Edit

Early History Edit

The true origins of the Lhiannan are shrouded in mystery, though Kindred outside the bloodline generally agree they must be descended from the Gangrel. According to their own lore, the first Lhiannan was created when the Crone infused a woodland spirit into a vampire; that spirit's power has lessened as it shared its essence with each new member of the bloodline, and the last of the Lhiannan are much weaker than their progenitors.

Dark Ages Edit


Lhiannan Bloodline

In the Dark Ages the Lhiannan dwindled in number. The Lhiannan found it harder to prey on humans, who congregated in cities away from the old places of the woods. As the power of the Christian church stamped out the old ways, the Druids were unable to flee the wrath of the Inquisition, who found them easily thanks to their otherworldly auras and obviously pagan rituals. By the time of the War of Princes there were perhaps only 20 Lhiannan in all of Europe, and none were believed to have survived past the end of the 14th century.

Final Nights Edit

In modern times, Gangrel trade rumors of powerful Kindred in European forests decorated with strange, bloody symbols, so perhaps some of them survived, or perhaps the forest spirit that initially created the bloodline has resurfaced.


The Lhiannan are highly solitary, irrevocably bound to their wild territories. Occasionally a small brood will share a territory.

Culture Edit

All Lhiannan follow a variation of pagan and druid practices, and are closely tied to their personal territory, growing weak if they leave it for longer than a few days. They make chiminage to the local spirits to keep themselves strong, mostly in the form of blood sacrifices.

Embraces Edit

With their numbers so small, and as they are weakened by the act of the siring a childe, Lhiannan rarely gave the Embrace; the Druids only created childer out of sheer loneliness or when they found someone who truly impressed them. A pagan spirit-speaker with real devotion to her craft, or a woodsman with impeccable respect for the forests might be enough to get a Lhiannan’s attention. The Lhiannan refused to Embrace Christians, Jews, or Muslims.

Once a Lhiannan Embraced a childe, she generally kept the new vampire around for a few years until that childe was ready to fend for himself (and the novelty of having someone else around wore off). The sire would then send the childe away to find his own haven and territory. The Lhiannan were generally aware of members of their bloodline whose territories were adjacent, but there was no system of communication in place. This, of course, may have contributed to their eventual destruction.


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