Dr. Leopold Valkenburg was a Stargazer, and the founder of the Valkenburg Foundation. In 1913, he made his first attempt at using psychoanalysis to heal lunatics in Switzerland; due to interference with a peculiar and dangerous Bane and an unpleasant episode with local Red Talons, he soon moved his foundation to Wyoming.[1][2] On January 21, Valkenberg met the Lunatic Jacob Hargast through his psychoanalytical studies. He revealed to him his werewolf nature, and that night took him into the woods to meet local Children of Gaia that they might determine his tribe and begin his education as a Garou. Red Talons encountered him, led by Dark Blood Gushing, and attack Valkenberg and his patient, hoping to kill the Lunatic. Valkenberg manages to best Dark Blood Gushing in a challenge, after which the Children of Gaia (led by Jeweled Tears) arrived and chased the Red Talons off. The Children of Gaia then left with Jacob Hargast to prepare him for his Rite of Passage.[1] Valkenberg eventually was killed in the 1930s by a deranged lunatic, and his foundation shut down in the wake of this event.[3]