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Leopold in VTES


Final Death:



Tremere antitribu (erroneously believed to be Toreador)



Leopold was an alleged Toreador sculptor from Atlanta before the Sabbat attack in 1999. He is one of the main protagonists in the Clan Novel: Toreador and later becomes the main antagonist for the rest of the Saga.

Biography Edit

Leopold was a lonely sculptor who had no interest in the politics of Atlanta and his only desires was to know who his sire was and perfect his art. The sculptor had suspicion that the Toreador Victoria Ash was his sire, but he couldn't prove it. He went to the Tremere Regent Hannah to ascertain answers about his past; Hannah told Leopold that she would give him the answers in the Summer Solstice party in the Elysium, organized by Victoria.

Hannah didn't make it to the party and the Sabbat attacked the building, killing several Camarilla vampires. Leopold was thrown out through a window and left unconscious. Later that night, Leopold woke up starving and fed from a naked vampire laying near him. The vampire was named Vegel, who Leopold had chatted with moments before the attack. Vegel had a monstrous, deformed eye, which Leopold became obsessed with and took from his head, believing the eye would lead him to his muse.

Eye of Hazimel Edit

The deformed eye was the Eye of Hazimel, a long lost relic believed to be part of the powerful Ravnos Methuselah Hazimel. It granted Leopold great power over Chimerstry and Vicissitude.

Leopold, crazed with his newfound power, began a path of destruction trying to find his muse, Victoria Ash. In the wake of his carnage, he destroyed an entire coterie of Gangrel on the outsides of New York with mini-volcanoes. The only survivors of the massacre were the Justicar Xaviar and the neonate Ramona. Leopold later collected the bodies of the defeated Gangrel and constructed a giant sculpture made of rock and flesh from the dead Gangrel. Leopold considered the abomination his masterpiece, and he subsequently went into torpor for weeks.

Meanwhile, the famous Setite Hesha Ruhadze, who had been searching for the Eye of Hazimel, arrived at the cave in which Leopold rested. While Leopold slept, the Setite took the Eye and left. Leopold woke up to find his "vision" was gone and began looking for it. Fortunately for him, he retained some of the powers of the ancient artifact and left for New York. By the guidance of his "muse", he found the Setite thief and fought him using his powers, nearly destroying Hesha. Leopold then proceeded to take the Eye once again placed it within his head, continuing his search for his beloved muse.

Final Death Edit

Leopold came into contact with Nickolai, a survivor of the Tremere antitribu, who was revealed to be Leopold's real sire and the killer of the Nosferatu Justicar Petrodon in 1997. Nickolai had manipulated Leopold to do his bidding. Leopold was growing weak, and he affirmed within himself that Nickolai was his master and sire, rather than Victoria Ash.

In a last attempt to destroy his enemies, Nickolai let Leopold loose in the streets of New York, only for Leopold to be found by Ramona, Hesha Ruhadze and the Camarilla Archon Theo Bell. The three vampires allied against Leopold but Leopold impaled them upon his own bones. Victoria Ash arrived at the scene and softly spoke to Leopold, telling him that she was indeed his sire. Leopold knew this to be false but was happy to see his muse for the last time. Ramona, using a special knife given to her by Hesha, cut the Eye of Hazimel from Leopold. Subsequently, Leopold suffered Final Death and became ash.

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