Birth Name: Leonardo de la Rocha
Chosen Name: Leviathan
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: August 5, 1986
Date of Eruption: 2000
Place of Origin: Bronx, New York, USA
Occupation: Harvesters Leader
Default Association: Teragen
Archetype: Monster (Second Stage)
Mother: Teresa de la Rocha
Father: Unknown


When novas emerged across the world, not everyone greeted them as saviors. Despite the pope's edict, Teresa de la Rocha, a devout Catholic, still saw novas as the work of Satan. Living in Venice, Teresa was present when Leonardo, her American-born 14-year-old son, erupted into a reptilian hybrid. Rather than give him the help he needed, she subjected him to an austere treatment of isolation, daily religious readings and corporal punishment. Leonardo truly believes himself evil and eventually acted the part his mother forced upon him. Unbeknownst to either, Leonardo was wracked with taint, but his astounding regenerative abilities allowed him to control its manifestation.

Eventually, Teresa could no longer handle her son. He had grown to fill his bedroom, he defied her more openly, and she no longer recognized her child within the beast that taunted her. At her wit's end, she set her house on fire and disappeared into the night. Leonardo survived by beating down his walls and diving into the Venetian canals. He has lived there ever since.

Although Leonardo came to realize he was not demonic, his taint has altered him to the point of being abjectly inhuman. He chose the name Leviathan to spite his mother, and though he looks and plays the part of a monster, he is not. Still lurking within the labyrinth of Venetian canal, Leviathan is the de facto leader of the Harvesters' radical chapter.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Leviathan is perfectly amphibious, and his elongated tail and heavily muscled spine grant him like ground movement. Ten feet long, Leviathan is strong enough to lift tanks and extremely durable. He also possesses astounding regenerative abilities.

On land, Leviathan exudes a thick gel-like coating that prevents dehydration and makes him very slippery. He can also secrete a secondary coating filled with free-floating nematocysts, which inject a paralytic agent into bare flesh. Leviathan often coats his hands with this toxin and tries to smear it on opponents.

Leviathan possesses no eyes but "sees" through a highly acute sense of smell and electromagnetic variances on his skin.

Directly or Indirectly Referenced PowersEdit

There is no Character Sheet for Leviathan. But these powers have been either directly stated or inferenced:


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