Name: The Legion
Nicknames: Grafters
Path: any
Order: any (left-handed)
Arcana: Life

The Legion is a left-handed side branch of the Scelesti that deals with infusing abyssal beings into their bodies to gain power. The Legion's process of self-transformation is agonizing beyond reason, as the mage permits summoned Gulmoth of the lowest order to feast upon her flesh, consuming the metaphysical template of the body part and adopting a nightmarish mockery of it; one capable of serving in such a capacity and, further, granting extraordinary abilities to the willworker. These grafts become permanent pieces of the mage -- gradually regenerating even if removed (or more swiftly, with healing magic) -- as she willingly pollutes both her physical and spiritual self with the taint of the Abyss. In order to substain their bodies and graft the lesser Gulmoths into them, they practice Life.


These mages summon up the least among the Abyss' innumerable natives and give themselves over to such beings, in exchange for baneful powers. By accepting the Void into themselves, however, their appearance becomes alien and terrifying, demonstrating outwardly their willing road of inexorable descent along the path of Wisdom. While other Accursed are often only disgusting within, those claiming membership in the Legion wear the brands of their loathsome choice for all to behold. Those of the Legion are sworn in servitude, but they find a sort of comfort in their slavery, reasoning that their incorporation of the entities of the Abyss makes them something like an earthly aristocracy of the Void; sorcerer-nobles building and nurturing small colonies for the Abyss in the Fallen World. Hounded and despised for what they have become, they see their disfigurements and the hatred of others as merely another sacrifice to their nameless lords. In time, they reason, others will see as they do and the long, hard journey of the Legion will be proven, once and for all, to have truly been worth its cost.

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