A Legendary is a type of rare Plasmic found in the Tempest in Wraith: The Oblivion. Among the most powerful of Whistimmu that inhabit the storm, Legendaries take their names from their forms; all Legendaries resemble classic creatures of mythologies from around the world. The long list of Legendaries sighted includes pegasi, dragons, chimerae, and even a large, fearsome Leviathan. Some Deathlords and wealthy wraiths have been even known to "collect" the more beautiful Legendaries, such as unicorns.

Legendaries are exceptional among the creatures of the Tempest, with no limits to how powerful their Attributes can get and how many Arcanoi they can possess. Most, if not all Legendaries are extremely intellegent as well; few are mindless beasts who react out of instinct.

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