Legacies are the mystical powers wielded by the Inquisitors of the House of Murnau.


House Murnau is known for its powers of detection and its unholy insights into the supernatural condition. While these inquisitors give up much in the pursuit of their duties, their service to the Inquisition is undeniable. The following Legacies are the birthright of the inquisitors of House Murnau.

  • Divine Insight - (Acolyte) uncanny knowledge about the supernatural quarry;
  • Surveying the Devil’s Flock - (Acolyte) provides the inquisitor with insights into the mortal thralls who serve (or have served) an unholy master;
  • Pulling the Serpent’s Fangs - (Advocate) undermine a supernatural enemy’s power in the world;
  • Fear No Evil - (Judge) can control the supernatural to the point of turning them on each other.


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