Lee Ann

Lee Ann

Name: Lee Ann Milner
Tradition: Cult of Ecstasy
Faction: Joybringers
Rank: Disciple
Affilation: New Horizon Council

Lee Ann Milner is a mage and the signature character of the Cult of Ecstasy.


Lee Ann’s early life is well-known and tragic: she was born to an army officer and his wife on a military base, which blended together with the many other military bases she saw throughout her younger years. Her father was physically and emotionally abusive, and by the time Lee Ann was sixteen, her father’s battery had progressed into rape. When Lee Ann’s mother discovered what was going on, she kicked Lee Ann out of the house, where she fell into substance abuse and prostitution.

An Ecstatic met her on the streets of New York and helped her in dealing with her self-destructive behaviour. She experienced the Awakening while detoxing and joined the Cult shortly afterwards, but has never returned to any sort of drug use. Since she completed her Ecstatic training, she met up with her long-term romantic partner, a Virtual Adept named Ryan, and formed a cabal with him and Lawrence White, an Euthanatos. This first cabal served to find young magi and shuffle them along to appropriate mentors, and she still works with them when she comes across young magi in need of guidance. Lee Ann does not share the aversion to modern technology that much of the upper ranks of the Traditions has, and uses it to locate Orphans and similar lost mages. She also acts as an intermediary who aids these mages to find cabals for themselves.

Her network allowed Lee Ann to enter the New Horizon Council as the representative of the Cult. Despite being the weakest member, she relies on her sincerity and open-mindedness to sway the others.

During the Avatar Storm, Lee Ann was in trance within the spirit worlds. Her attempt to reach the Gauntlet back to her body left her in a month-long Quiet that nearly costed her the ability to use magic. Even now, her Avatar is silent and only communicates with her in the fits of ecstasy.



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