Lazarus Redux is the projection firm that several former Orpheus Group employees founded following the destruction of the company. They exist to help ghosts in bad situations, and to provide a unifying front against the strengthening forces of Grandmother.


Lazarus Redux was established by Kate Dennison, a former Orpheus agent and gifted Banshee. Secondary partners include Haunter Hoyt Masterson and Wisp John Carruthers. A number of other former Orpheus employees have also become part of the company, as well as old allies and new hires. In addition, Lazarus Redux works with a number of independent projectors and ghosts.

The Lazarus Redux headquarters are house in the old Red Stag Brewery building; it sits on the site of an old Spectral hive has been specially infused with flakes of Spectral matter to make it impervious to ghosts and effects such as Storm-Wending. It also boasts the latest in security, including special Kirlian cameras that can detect if someone is being possessed. The site also has offices, a nursery (with sleeper cradles for rent to outside parties), and two brewing tanks modified to hold Spectres or rogue spirits.

In addition to paranormal investigations and cradle rentals, Lazarus Redux also offers services such as courier services, property surveillance, Horror training, and post-mortem counseling. They also offer fair and honest assessments of other firms and mediums, and run a large Internet community where paranormal science can be discussed.

The main hangout for Lazarus Redux employees outside of the company is a coffeehouse known as Spooky Brews. Here, along with getting cups of coffee and pastries, they can interview potential employees and meet with clients in an more informal setting.