Written by: Jackie Cassada (Revelations & Structure), Jason Feldstein (The Sixth Age), Edward MacGregor (Reckoning), Nicky Rea (Revelations & Troubleshooting), Jesse Roberts (Apocalypse), Andrew J. Scott (Gehenna & Stagecraft), Colin Suleiman (Armageddon) and Duncan Wyley (Ascension)
Additional writing by: Peter Woodworth (Endless Winter & Doomsday) and the aithors of World of Darkness: Time of Judgment
Developed by: Peter Woodworth
Edited by: Carl Bowen
Art Direction by: Pauline Benney
Layout & Typesetting by: Pauline Benney
Art by: Colline Denney
Front & Back Cover Design: Pauline Benney
Playtesters: Scott Adams, Kerry Bayles, Fletcher Bennett, Rich Brodsky, Kristin Carlson, Mike Carlucci, Greg Curley, Jen Curtis, Dab DiFlavis, Jim Fillmore, Matt Florentine, Alyson Gaul, Lee Gelwicks, Retta Harrison, Amy Houser, Jeff Houser, Cara Jordan, Chris Jowett, Scott Katinger, Sarah McIlvaine, Kelly Niedzialek, Adolfo Rivera, Mike Rohner, Dan Schermond, Andrew J. Scott, Nick Simpson, Meg Strittmatter, Courtney Sullivan, Tim Sullivan, Jada Weaver, Tome Wilson, Andy Woodworth, Kathy Woodworth
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 2003
Pages: 296
Year: 2004 (and 1999)
Publication #: WW 05099
Reference #: ISBN 1-58846-521-7
Price: $21.99

Laws of Judgment is the Time of Judgment sourcebook for Mind's Eye Theatre. It adapts abbreviated material from the various Time of Judgment sourcebooks (Gehenna, Apocalypse, Ascension, and World of Darkness: Time of Judgment), plus new material for use with Laws of the Hunt and general guidelines for ending any live-action World of Darkness game.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Prophecies Ancient and Terrible
It is known by many names: Gehenna, Apocalypse, Ascension. For millennia, humanity and its supernatural masters have wondered at and dreaded the nature of the End Times. Now the signs are unmistakable — the oldest fears of the prophets are about to be realized. Will it be annihilation? Or does new hope await beyond this great darkness?
The End Is Here
Laws of Judgment is a comprehensive guide to presenting the Time of Judgment for all of the mind's Eye Theatre games. Everything players and Storytellers need is contained within, from new rules and systems born of the End Times to ready-made doomsday scenarios to storytelling advice on how to give a chronicle the end it deserves. Only one question remains: How will your troupe face the end?

Introduction: The Signs Are On FireEdit

Author's notes and summary of the book's contents.

Chapter One: Judgment DayEdit

Summaries on how the Laws of the Night organizations (the Inquisition, Twilight Agencies, Arcanum, Dauntain, Benandanti and Orphic Circle) might interact with the relevant Time of Judgment scenarios.

Chapter Two: GehennaEdit

Laws of the Night adaptations of the scenarios and rules in Gehenna.

Chapter Three: ApocalypseEdit

Laws of the Wild adaptations of the scenarios and rules in Apocalypse.

Chapter Four: AscensionEdit

Laws of Ascension adaptations of the scenarios and rules in Ascension (book).

Chapter Five: Endless WinterEdit

The Shining Host adaptations of the scenarios and rules in World of Darkness: Time of Judgment.

Chapter Six: ReckoningEdit

Laws of the Reckoning adaptations of the scenarios and rules in World of Darkness: Time of Judgment.

Chapter Seven: The Sixth AgeEdit

Laws of the East adaptations of the scenarios and rules in World of Darkness: Time of Judgment.

Chapter Eight: ArmageddonEdit

Laws of the Resurrection adaptations of the scenarios and rules in World of Darkness: Time of Judgment.

Chapter Nine: DoomsdayEdit

Oblivion adaptation of the scenario and rules in Ends of Empire.

Chapter Ten: RevelationsEdit

A guide to storytelling, stagecrafting and troubleshooting the End Times, and suggestions on how to end a long-running chronicle.

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