A Lawgiver is a type of Spectre found in Orpheus. Lawgivers act directly as an extension of the will of Grandmother, doing her bidding, controlling and coordinating Spectral hives, and generally making life miserable for all of the ghosts within their reach, especially Orphan-Grinders.

Lawgivers are special Spectres in that they are the only kind that were once Orphan-Grinders; many Orphan-Grinders live in fear of returning to the fold of Grandmother, and do their utmost to avoid it. For those who fail, the price is high; the Orphan-Grinder's dark side, or Gemini seeks it out and transforms into a writhing mass of chains. One length of chain shoots back into the Stormwall (and eventually, Grandmother) while the rest enfolds the spirit, transforming them. Most importantly, the length of chain, once connected, erases all of a ghost's memories and will, making them absolute puppets of Grandmother. Many Lawgivers, in turn, seek out other Orphan-Grinders to bring back into the fold.

Lawgivers carry the same faces they did as spirits, albeit chalk-white. They are wrapped in a thick, leather-like skin and the chains of their servitude, which they can control like tentacles. They also carry wounds of torture, sometimes with the implements still embedded into their gauze.

The only way to destroy a Lawgiver is to sever the chain connecting them to Grandmother; otherwise the Lawgiver will simply reform in the Labyrinth within a day, ready to deal out more punishment.


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