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=== Discreet Service, “The Go-Between” ===

History Edit

Returning to Hong Kong after graduating Harvard Business School to fulfill his parents wish to rise to the top of Hong Kong’s business community, Lao Chi was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  His joss turned on him while working at his family’s independent brokerage firm and his life ended in a shoot-out between rival triads.

Lao Chi rose seven days after his death as a Kuei-jin because he was on the verge of great things and even death could not keep him from filling his predetermined role.

He was rescued from his existence as a chih-mei into the world of the Kuei-jin but found that his Western attitudes prevented him from feeling comfortable within that rigid society.  He at first excepted his Dharma but realized his path lay elsewhere.  He declared himself Heimin, no path.  This was met with great sorrow but his mentor respected him and sought to turn it to a useful end.

Lao Chi became the official liaison between the Righteous Devils and the court of Robert PedderChun was able to communicate with Pedder without suffering contamination.  Lao enjoyed his “diplomatic immunity” and used it to improve the conditions of his family.  He returned to the work he did in mortal life.

Now there is no Tai-pan for the Kin-jin and there is no clear successor. Lao has lost his special status. His has returned to being an exile because of his knowledge and general like of Western ways.  His knowledge once a great asset is now a liability if the Keui-jin reassert their power.

Lao Chi looks like a young Chinese businessman.  He wears Western suits and ties and carries a briefcase.  He affects British manners and even speaks Chinese with a slight American accent.  His intelligence is evident in his face, which demonstrates his emotions more readily than most Keui-jin’s. (World of Darkness: Hong Kong, p. 75.)


Nature: Loner

P'o Nature: The Barbarian

Demeanour: Confidant

Chi Balance: Balanced

Direction: Center

Dharma:Thousand Whispers: 2

Physical: Strength: 3, Dexterity: 3, Stamina: 4

Social: Charisma: 3, Manipulation: 4, Appearance: 3

Mental: Perception: 3, Intelligence: 4, Wits: 4

Abilities: Alertness: 2, Brawl: 1, Bureaucracy: 3, Computer: 3, Dodge: 2, Drive: 3, Empathy: 3, Etiquette: 3, Finance: 4, Law: 2, Occult: 1, Security: 2, Stealth: 3, Streetwise: 1, Subterfuge: 3

Disciplines: Black Wind: 1, Blood Shintai: 2, Equilibrium: 2, Internalize: 1

Backgrounds: Allies: 2, Horoscope: 1, Resources: 4

Chi Virtues: Yin: 5, Yang: 5

Soul Virtues: Hun: 6, P'o: 4

Willpower: 6

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