Landulf II











Landulf II is a Tzimisce who originated in Capua. He is one of those Tzimisce that remained Autarkis, without joining the Sabbat, thanks to an alliance with the Giovanni Clan.


Landulf II earned his legacy in the 9th century as a black magician in the Arthurian grail legends. Named the third most important man in the kingdom of Emperor Louis II, he controlled land from Naples to Calabria until the Vatican allegedly excommunicated him in 875. Rather than suffer under Carpathian influence, Landulf II allowed an African Fiend (possibly Sycorax) who claimed lineage to the Methuselah Demdemeh to Embrace him. As Tzimisce, Landulf maintained the castle Calot Enbolot in Sicily, where he studied koldunic sorcery and earned a reputation as a torturer among the local populace. Landulf II fostered these false accusations, if only to keep the curious away from his haven.

Like his african peers, he swore fealty to neither Transylvania nor the Sabbat. Instead, he consorted with North Africa’s Cainites, and after the Convention of Thorns, enjoyed the protection of the Giovanni. The Sabbat and Camarilla could not reach him. Landulf reemerged from hiding in the twilight of the 19th century when the German Order Walvater of the Holy Grail, later reorganized as the Thule Society, used the swastika, his heraldic device, as their standard. While the symbol itself appeared in other cultures, the combination of anti-Semitism, occult rituals and the belief in a race of “pure” humans proved too enticing to ignore.

Landulf encouraged the society and helped foster its atmosphere of racial superiority by claiming members as ghouls. During World War II, Landulf aided the Wehrmacht in their war efforts in Africa, following them and claiming many of the wounded and dying as ghouls or experiments. After the war, he retreated once again to North Africa, content with toying with his fresh captured victims. In the Modern Nights, Landulf is one of the few bridges between the western Tzimisce and their African brethren.