Lamashtu, the Maeljin of Pride, goes by many names including the Calipha of Pride and Namhur-Rihur.

Biography Edit

This Maeljin's existence is purely for itself, acquiring titles and servants like coins hoarded and prized. It often appears as a blue-skinned fallen angel, wrongfully denied its throne, and its Maeltinet servant the Glass Angel fulfills this same story. This pale-skinned incarnation has razor-sharp wings of glass and leaves a trail of glassy dust behind it, silently overseeing pride-spirits in the name of Lamashtu.

Bale Hounds in the service of the Calipha are filled with pride themselves, often considering themselves just as important to Lamashtu as it is to them. They create "pride" cults worshipping the power and might of the werewolf and inspiring overconfidence in the packs they run with which often leads to downfall and pain.

References Edit

  • Lore of the Forsaken, p. 54
  • Blasphemies, p. 121-123

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